Next level instructional videos

Increase customer loyalty, enhance user-experience and create new marketing channels with TuComm’s How-To Video Platform. With our innovative video player, you can now use instructional videos to drive sales and communicate with existing customers and our advanced step-by-step technology allows your users to easily navigate through any piece of video content.

What makes us stand apart

Step-by-step video navigation

Finally, a fully-responsive video player that allows your users to skip forward, repeat, and pause all within a multi-chapter experience. Your customers can follow along easily with your instructional video content. No more frustration, losing your place or falling behind.

Communicate directly with customers

Our advanced video player can be enhanced for two-way communication with the user. Allowing you to program additional messaging and tips, promote related items and upsells, or receive valuable feedback from your customers on their experience.

Ownable tutorial content on your channels and app

Control the customer experience and drive traffic to your business with owned content displayed on your branded video player. Don’t send users to third-party platforms for content produced by amateurs. Raise customer loyalty with branded tutorial content developed by professionals.

How-to videos make great content

Video content consumption increases 100% year-over-year. Instructional videos are no different. Whether it’s cooking recipes, furniture assembly, education or troubleshooting, your customers are searching for video content to fit their needs.

Trouble shooting

TuComm’s video platform delivers easy-to-use step-by-step navigation and a premium visual experience. Whether it’s a furniture assembly tutorial or a recipe how-to video.

Furniture Assembly (Browser)

Recipe How-To (Browser)

The TuComm Video Tutorial Mobile App (View Only):

Video tutorial services

TuComm is the perfect instructional video solution. A full-service video production and web development team with decades of experience.

  • Creative Development
  • Video Production
  • Editing & Post-Production
  • Platform integration
  • Video App Development
  • Video Campaign Strategy

Our clients

Our philosophy

We have combined our creative passions for video production, web design and development, marketing, and communications to create the first video tutorial agency.

  • We focus on customer satisfaction.
  • We focus on customer loyalty.
  • We focus on clear and concise communication.
  • We focus on user experience.
  • We focus on quality.

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